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Proper Etiquette for 1:1 Bookings with Sages

SAGE is your extended, wholesome family.

And just like a family, all users should feel safe sharing about anything under the sun. As such, we have compiled a list of house rules that we require all our users to agree and adhere to so that we may foster truly unconditional acts of kindness.

Upholding our values as a member of SAGE

As a member of SAGE you are representing the values we have within our community. As such, the expected behaviour outlined below is expected to be upheld across all platforms, beyond SAGE. If behaviour not tolerated (outlined below) is demonstrated on other platforms and reported to us, we will proceed with the outlined process below to make sure our community feels safe and respected at all times.


Both Sages and Apprentices have the responsibility to ensure that their behaviour does not negatively affect their professional or personal relationship.

1**. Be Responsible for What You Share**

(A) Set Clear Intentions

As with any conversation, the sharing of opinions, information, and advice can be insightful, but also very subjective. We at SAGE believe that sharing your valuable insights should be a safe experience for both Sages and Apprentices.

To protect yourself, at your own discretion, do state clearly if the information that you are sharing is

(B) Prohibited Information